A Level Biology: Lesson 168. What is Meant by the Term Diploid?

Task 1. Check Where this Lesson fits into your Exam Specification!

Task 2. Watch the Revision Notes Lesson in Full.

00:00 Intro Screen / Learning Outcomes

00:24 Somatic Cells are Diploid

00:49 Why 2n?

01:05 Humans are diploid organisms

01:42 Human Body cells contain 2n chromosomes.

02:06 Grizzly bears are diploid too...

2:22 Great White Sharks are diploid...

02:30 Lions are diploid...

02:36 ...and Mosquitos are diploid!

03:00 Why do you need to know any of this?

03:36 Which means Haploid means Half...


Check Your Spec!

This A Level Biology Revision Lesson Explains the term Diploid as expected to be understood and defined for ALL A Level Biology Specifications.


NOTE: ALL specifications: - ★ AQA ★ CIE ★ Edexcel (Biology A – Salters-Nuffield) ★ Edexcel (Biology B) ★ OCR (Biology A) ★ OCR (Biology B) ★ WJEC ★ IB

The term diploid appears in many places in ALL specifications. It’s just a term you must understand and be able to define. Additionally, Students should be able to use the expression 2n to calculate the possible number of different combinations of chromosomes.


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