A Level Biology Revision Lesson 101: Gas Exchange - Insects Tracheal System.

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AQA A Level Biology Specification Reference: - 3.3.2 Gas exchange  in the tracheal system of an insect (tracheae, tracheoles and spiracles).


CIE A Level Biology Specification Reference: - N/A


Edexcel A Level Biology (Biology A – Salters-Nuffield) Specification Reference: - None Specific but useful for: Know the properties of gas exchange surfaces in living organisms (large surface area to volume ratio, thickness of surface, difference in concentration).


Edexcel A Level Biology (Biology B) Specification Reference: - Topic 4: Exchange and Transport: 4.3 Gas exchange: i Understand how insects are adapted for gas exchange. 7: Dissect an insect to show the structure of the gas exchange system.


OCR A Level Biology (Biology A) Specification Reference: - Module 3: Exchange and transport: In this module, learners study the structure and function of gas exchange and transport systems in a range of animals and in terrestrial plants.  Ventilation and gas exchange systems in mammals, bony fish and insects are used as examples of the properties and functions of exchange surfaces in animals. To include: insects – spiracles, trachea, thoracic and abdominal movement to change body volume, exchange with tracheal fluid.

OCR A Level Biology (Biology B) Specification Reference: -N/A


WJEC A Level Biology Specification Reference: -Component 3: REQUIREMENTS FOR LIFE: (d) the common features of the specialised respiratory surfaces of larger animals and the adaptation of respiratory surfaces to environmental conditions - the adaptations of the insect tracheal system to life in a terrestrial environment.

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