A Level Biology Revision Lesson 44: Prokaryote Structure

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00:00 Learning Outcomes

00:26 Prokaryotes (bacteria)

01:02 ALL bacteria have...

01:40 Bacteria are Diverse

02:19 Some Bacteria have additional features

02:52 Structure -- Function of bacterial (prokaryotic) cell Features.

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Check Your Spec!


★ AQA Specification Reference: - Structure of prokaryotic cells and of viruses. Prokaryotic cells are much smaller than eukaryotic cells. They also differ from eukaryotic cells in having: cytoplasm that lacks membrane-bound organelles, smaller ribosomes, no nucleus; instead they have a single circular DNA molecule that is free in the cytoplasm and is not associated with proteins, a cell wall that contains murein, a glycoprotein. In addition, many prokaryotic cells have: one or more plasmids, a capsule surrounding the cell, one or more flagella.


★ CIE Specification Reference: - 1. Cell structure. Outline key structural features of typical prokaryotic cells as seen in a typical bacterium (including: unicellular, 1–5μm diameter, peptidoglycan cell walls, lack of membrane-bound organelles, naked circular DNA, 70S ribosomes)


★ Edexcel (Biology A – Salters-Nuffield) Specification Reference: - Topic 3: Voice of the Genome. 3.4 Know the ultrastructure of prokaryotic cells, including cell wall, capsule, plasmid, flagellum, pili, ribosomes, mesosomes and circular DNA.


★ Edexcel (Biology B) Specification Reference: - Topic 2: Cells, Viruses and Reproduction of Living Things. 2.1 Eukaryotic and prokaryotic cell structure and function. iii) Know the ultrastructure of prokaryotic cells and the structure of organelles, including: nucleoid, plasmids, 70S ribosomes and cell wall.


★ OCR (Biology A) Specification Reference: - 2.1 Foundations in biology. 2.1.1 Cell structure. (k) the similarities and differences in the structure and ultrastructure of prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells.


★ OCR (Biology B) Specification Reference: - Module 2: Cells, chemicals for life, transport and gas exchange. 2.1.1 Cells and microscopy: h (i) the ultrastructure of prokaryotic cell, as revealed by an electron microscope. to include: Circular DNA, plasmids, mesosome, pili and flagella in prokaryotic 


★ WJEC Specification Reference: - Core Concepts. 2. Cell structure and organisation, (b) the structure of prokaryotic cells.

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