A Level Biology Revision Lesson 340: Gene Technologies - Making cDNA using the Enzyme Reverse Transcriptase

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A Level Biology Revision Lesson 340. Gene Technologies: Making cDNA using the Enzyme Reverse Transcriptase. Key Points.

00:00 Intro | Learning outcomes

00:32 in this lesson we will focus on how DNA clones called cDNA can be produced using reverse transcriptase.

00:55 Remember that retroviruses (like HIV) have the enzyme reverse transcriptase.

01:22 mRNA is required to direct the synthesis of a polypeptide chain

02:26 Using Reverse transcriptase - Step 1.

02:39 Using Reverse transcriptase - Step 2.

02:48 Using Reverse transcriptase - Step 3.

02:56 Using Reverse transcriptase - Step 4.

03:09 Using Reverse transcriptase - Step 5.

03:28 the cDNA can be inserted into viral vectors or plasmid.

03:58 Exam Style Q and A (1)

04:37 Exam Style Q and A (2)

5:34 Exam Style Q and A (3)


Check Your Spec!

AQA A Level Biology Specification Reference: - Recombinant DNA technology (A-level only). Recombinant DNA technology involves the transfer of fragments of DNA from one organism, or species, to another. Since the genetic code is universal, as are transcription and translation mechanisms, the transferred DNA can be translated within cells of the recipient (transgenic) organism. Fragments of DNA can be produced by: Conversion of mRNA to complementary DNA (cDNA), using reverse transcriptase.


CIE A Level Biology Specification Reference: - 19.1 Principles of genetic Technology: h) explain the role of reverse transcriptase in genetic engineering.


OCR A Level Biology (Biology A) Specification Reference: - 6.1.3 Manipulating genomes (f) the principles the principles of genetic engineering. To include the isolation of genes from one organism and the placing of these genes into another organism using suitable vectors. NOTE: cDNA and using reverse transcriptase is not specifically mentioned in the specification!


OCR A Level Biology (Biology B) Specification Reference: - 5.1.3 Gene technologies (b) To include the role of reverse transcriptase - example of human protein to include insulin.

★ Edexcel A Level Biology (Biology A – Salters-Nuffield) N/A

★ Edexcel A Level Biology (Biology B) N/A

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