A Level Biology Revision Lesson 205: Analysing the effect of Agriculture on Biodiversity using Spearman's Rank

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★ AQA A Level Biology Specification Reference: -  3.4.6 Biodiversity within a community. Biodiversity can relate to a range of habitats, from a small local habitat to the Earth. Species richness is a measure of the number of different species in a community. An index of diversity describes the relationship between the number of species in a community and the number of individuals in each species. Calculation of an index of diversity (d). (use of Spearman's Rank).


★ CIE A Level Biology Specification Reference: - 18.1 Biodiversity. Biodiversity is much more than a list of all the species in a particular area. e) use Spearman’s rank correlation and Pearson’s linear correlation to analyse the relationships between the distribution and abundance of species and abiotic or biotic factors (the formula for these correlations will be provided) f) use Simpson’s Index of Diversity to calculate the biodiversity of a habitat and state the significance of different values of D.


★ Edexcel A Level Biology (Biology A – Salters-Nuffield) Specification Reference: - Topic 4: Biodiversity and Natural Resources. iii) Understand how biodiversity can be compared in different habitats using a formula to calculate an index of diversity (D).

★ Edexcel A Level Biology (Biology B) Specification Reference: -  Topic 10: Ecosystems. Understanding principles of sampling, including use of a formula to calculate an index of diversity; Spearman’s rank, correlation coefficient; Be able to use statistical tests to analyse data, including t-test and Spearman rank correlation coefficient.

★ OCR A Level Biology (Biology A) Specification Reference: - 4.2 Biodiversity: (c) how to measure species richness and species evenness in a habitat. (d) the use and interpretation of Simpson’s Index of Diversity (D) to calculate the biodiversity of a habitat. The interpretation of both high and low values of Simpson’s Index of Diversity (D). 4.2.2 Classification and evolution. (f) the different types of variation. Spearman’s rank correlation coefficient to consider the relationship of the data.

★ OCR A Level Biology (Biology B) Specification Reference: - Module 4: Energy, reproduction and populations . Select and use a statistical test: the Spearman’s rank correlation coefficient. 4.3.2 The impact of population increase: the ecological, economic and scientific importance of species biodiversity. To include aesthetic, medical and agricultural considerations and the use of statistical methods to assess species biodiversity (e.g. Simpson’s Diversity Index).


WJEC A Level Biology Specification Reference: - Continuity of Life. 1. All organisms are related through their evolutionary history. This topic covers biodiversity and classification. (h) biodiversity as the number and variety of organisms found within a specified geographic region (i) biodiversity varying spatially and over time and affected by many factors (j) biodiversity can be assessed in a habitat e.g. Simpson’s Diversity Index.

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