A Level Biology Revision Lesson 31: The Structure of Water

Task 1. Check Where this Lesson fits into your Exam Specification!

Task 2. Watch the Revision Notes Lesson in Full.

00:00 Learning Outcomes

00:25 Water is a Polar Molecule

00:50 Water has a Simple Molecular Structure

01:16 Water Forms Hydrogen bonds

02:06 Cohesive Properties of Water

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Check Your Spec!

★ AQA Specification Reference: - 3.1.7 Water. 


★ CIE Specification Reference: - 2 Biological molecules. 2.3 Proteins and water: d) explain how hydrogen bonding occurs between water.


★ Edexcel (Biology A – Salters-Nuffield) Specification Reference: - Topic 4: Biodiversity and Natural Resources. 4.12 Understand the importance of water and inorganic ions (nitrate, calcium ions and magnesium ions) to plants.


★ Edexcel (Biology B) Specification Reference: - Topic 1: Biological Molecules: 1.7 Water. Understand the importance of the dipole nature of water leading to hydrogen bonding


★ OCR (Biology A) Specification Reference: - 2.1.2 Biological molecules. Learners should be able to demonstrate and apply their knowledge and understanding of how hydrogen bonding occurs between water molecules, and relate this, and other properties of water, to the roles of water for living organisms.


★ OCR (Biology B) Specification Reference: - Module 2: Cells, chemicals for life, transport and gas exchange : 2.1.2 Water and its importance in plants and animals. Learners should be able to demonstrate and apply their knowledge and understanding of the properties of water. To include the polar nature of the water molecule, hydrogen bonding and the role of water as a solvent.


★ WJEC Specification Reference: -  Core Concepts 1. Chemical elements are joined together to form biological compounds.  All organisms are composed of biological molecules. These are fundamental to the  functioning of living organisms. It is essential to understand how the structure of these molecules is related to their function. (b) the importance of water in terms of its polarity, ability to form hydrogen bonds.

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