A Level Biology Revision Lesson 47: Viral Replication

Task 1. Check Where this Lesson fits into your Exam Specification!

Task 2. Watch the Revision Notes Lesson in Full.

Task 3: Download, accompanying A Level Biology Revision Notes (A3 PDF)


Check Your Spec!

★ AQA Specification Reference: - 3.2.2 All cells arise from other cells: Being non-living, viruses do not undergo cell division. Following injection of their nucleic acid, the infected host cell replicates the virus particles.


★ CIE Specification Reference: - N/A


★ Edexcel (Biology A – Salters-Nuffield) Specification Reference: - N/A


★ Edexcel (Biology B) Specification Reference: - Topic 2: Cells, Viruses and Reproduction of Living Things. 2.2 Viruses: ii Know the lytic cycle of a virus and latency.


★ OCR (Biology A) Specification Reference: - N/A


★ OCR (Biology B) Specification Reference: - N/A


★ WJEC Specification Reference: -  OPTION A: IMMUNOLOGY AND DISEASE: Immunology and Disease. (d) the relationship between the pathogenicity of viruses and their mode of


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