A Level Biology Revision Lesson 46: Basic Virus Structure

Task 1. Check Where this Lesson fits into your Exam Specification!

Task 2. Watch the Revision Lesson in Full.

Task 3: Download and complete the accompanying Virus: Basic structure work booklet and revision notes.


Check Your Spec!

★ AQA Specification Reference: - Structure of prokaryotic cells and of viruses. Viruses are acellular and non-living. The structure of virus particles to include genetic material, capsid and attachment protein.


★ CIE Specification Reference: - 1 Cell structure: f) outline the key features of viruses as non-cellular structures (limited to protein coat and DNA/RNA).


★ Edexcel (Biology A – Salters-Nuffield) Specification Reference: - N/A


★ Edexcel (Biology B) Specification Reference: - Topic 2: Cells, Viruses and Reproduction of Living Things. 2.2 Viruses: Understand that the classification of viruses is based on structure and nucleic acid. Know that viruses are not living cells.


★ OCR (Biology A) Specification Reference: - N/A


★ OCR (Biology B) Specification Reference: -  N/A


★ WJEC Specification Reference: - Core Concepts 2. Cell structure and organisation: Learners should be able to demonstrate and apply their knowledge and understanding of: (b) the structure of prokaryotic cells and viruses.

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