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The biology lessons and resources are suitable for BTEC Level 3 Applied Science, International Baccalaureate (IB), Access to Science and Foundation Degree courses. In fact all Level 3 Biology courses, will benefit from the videos, lessons and knowledge check interactive PDF's

Nucleic Acids - The Structure and Brief History of DNA

All the A-level biology lessons and resources have been created by an experienced biology lecturer. So, you can rest assured you’re getting high quality resources that will really help you learn, master and succeed in your A-level biology - helping you prepare for your exams and helping you with assignments and coursework.

Enjoy learning and revising A-level biology with handwritten notes videos and interactive PDFs  - which provide you with the notes from video lessons. You can test your retention with knowledge check questions and stretch your learning with application style questioning. All knowledge check PDF’s have properly written answers for you to check your answers with...

...Why is this important?

Because examiners mark schemes don’t provide you with properly structured answers - just key terms that examiners look for. What you write must be in context and well written (you can get marks deducted if what you write make no sense). So, by seeing properly written answers you’re more able to start constructing your own ready for the exams - or structuring paragraphs properly in assignment work.

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Know what 'command' words mean to you.

Download the Key Words examiners use when writing questions.

Actively engaging in each biology lesson will ensure deep learning is taking place, and a complete understanding of biological concepts is embedded. Work through the content on learnbiology.net diligently and you will truly master your A-Level Biology!


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