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GCSE and A-Level Biology Teaching & Learning resources

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Download the Lab Note Booklets for A-Level biology and A-Level Chemistry (AQA)

A Level Biology Required Practical Laboratory Note Books. These 'blank' Lab notebooks help you organise your 12 required practicals and contain the essential CPAC check points for your teacher to sign off competencies once you complete each practical.

AQA A-Level_Biology_Lab_booklet_Int.pdf
AQA A-Level_Chemistry_Lab_booklet.pdf

"A superb student practical book which contains areas for students to complete full plans, results and analysis for each practical. There is also a review page for recording CPACs which is modified for each practical to use as a marking checklist and provides feedback for future progress". 

"You have planned an excellent set of resources, each with a focus on different combinations of competencies, giving sufficient opportunity to gather evidence for all."

"Your booklets are of superb quality and provide a framework for students to complete a full write up".

"Frankie has a great depth of subject knowledge and is passionate about the importance of practical work in developing skills...."

"All students were able to describe an overview of the CPACs as they refer to them in every practical they carry out. They can see their progress towards the endorsement in the written feedback in their booklets and from one-to-one discussions with the teacher and are happy with the guidance their teacher gives them to help develop their skills."

AQA 2018.